While many of us can read a passage and reproduce it in our exam papers, very few can write a passage independently and creatively. However, all of us are CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE by nature. We suppress our creativity, as we suspect that it is useless and redundant in our society. However, world’s best scientists, authors, leaders, politicians were and are the most creative lot.

The workshop endeavors to bring out the creative juices and nurture the creative skills. It is designed for students to build language skills (which includes comprehension, writing, critical analysis etc), communication skills, creative and critical thinking.

Through many interesting and fun activities, students start to understand the nuances of creative writing and CREATE stories on their own.

uraan also publishes the stories with illustrations by participants.

Apart from uraan’s own space, we have worked with the students and teachers of Mongrace Montessory, Kendriya Vidyalay, Funlish and others.

Wintercamp-2014---story-creation Malini stories for children

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